Battalion History

With the intention of overcoming the lack of force in the internal law and order of the integrated Madhya Pradesh state, the approval of the 22nd Special Armed Forces under the Madhya Pradesh Police Force, ADM-MP of Madhya Pradesh Government Home Police Department. Government / Home / Police / 4256-3628 / P.B. (P.P.) Bhopal, dated 24.11.1966 and at the Police Headquarters, Bhopal.

On 01.12.1966 in the light of the capital city of Bhopal, on November 01, 1966, according to the order number 3232-Do-B (13), Bhopal, dated 07.12.1971, this unit was declared as the unit from 01.11.1971 (Pt. This unit has been an important contributor to the freedom of the East Pakistan as a liberation girl in Silchar, a border region of the state of Assam during the Indo-Pak War of 1971. Located "Dhana", District- Sagar, in the central region, the prisoners would be kept in a temporary camp.

Whose security was conducted by the unit for almost 03 years. This unit was held in Kerala state and Lakshdweep from the year of March 1985 to the year 1992 from the year 1992 and 04 companies were organized in the various districts of the A, C, D and F company respectively. 02 Company: B & Y 2000 till the time the capital city of the Lakshadrakendra Union Territory, Kavaratitha and Anroth Islands have been assigned important duties in the island islands. I installed.

Separate cg After becoming a state, on 01 November 2000, M.P. Separate from State Government Order No.-F-3-7 / Home / 2001, Raipur, dated 03.05.2001, the name of the unit was changed from 4th to 4th, Chhattisgarh was considered to be a armed force, Raipur mana.

This Armed Force's A 'Company since 1992; Usur, Bilaspur, Salhewara, Kanker, Antagarh, Korba, Raipur, Orchha, Parapa,' B 'Company- PTC Borgaon, Bijapur, Darri, Antagarh, Ramgarh, Mahasamund, Nagri, Rudri, Sihawa,' C. Company- Bhopal, Chintalnar, Dallirajhara, Dongargarh, Manpur, Raipur, Rajnandgaon, Bhopal, Pakhanjur, Kanker, Sukma, Mahasamund, Ramgarh, Jagdalpur, Decompany-Golapalli, Raipur, Rajnandgaon, Chichola, Salhewara, Antagarh, Pakhanjur, Orchha, Raipur, Bayanar, EC-PTCBorgaon, Sukma, Pakhanjur, Narayanpur, Ranapal, Farsgaon, F Company-Sukma, Bilaspur, Durg, Jashpur, Salhewara, P.M. Raipur, Narayanpur.